Oktoberstämman 2011
October 21-22 th

oktstamma_2011_2 (63K)

The team "solve connections" (lösa förbindelser) from skåne playing in the lounge.

oktstamma_2011_9 (36K)

Shottis from Red-isle.

oktstamma_2011_3 (53K)

GooseAnders playing for dance at the open stage.

oktstamma_2011_4 (69K)

knuts cornflakes.

oktstamma2011_5 (36K)

Dancers refreshing before new polskas.....

oktstamma2011_6 (36K)

..and enter the dancefloor once again.

oktstamma2011_7 (35K)

Lot of "throw-away-polskas" (slängpolska)

oktstamma2011_8 (39K)

Russindalen with the Amazone.

oktstamma2011_10 (30K)

The tuneup-committee did a great work, to make this weekend great. Here on stage.

oktstamma2011_11 (43K)

ULV-records for sale.

oktstamma2011_12 (29K)

Bagman and Alice.

oktstamma2011_13 (48K)

The Amazone and Fastreel

oktstamma2011_14 (39K)


oktstamma2011_15 (44K)

The Solve Connections find a perfect place downstairs between the escalators.

oktstamma2011_16 (42K)

Playcottage tuning up for one hours dance-play.

oktstamma2011_17 (51K)

Fastreel and HappyK

oktstamma2011_18 (37K)


oktstamma_2011_1 (69K)

Saunapeople. "Frigg" Ends the evening with rapid-polska. Fast as lightning!

oktstamma_2010_19 (40K)

Nice songs in the early sundaymorning.

oktstamma2011_20 (41K)