Bingsjöstämman 2011.

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Real Uppland

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Fastreel listening to a new tune from Neverendingman. (Bingsjoe-frossa)

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Structured chaos in the tent. You can always find the instruments.

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Princess of Milkyway

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"Take me to your leader"

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Hawkeye and Neverendingman

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Tuning Up

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Tuning Up

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Lace, PlayingLovice and Hawkeye

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Vespertinus and Key-man

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Birch-people searching for good play.

bingsjo2011_14 (43K)

Playing for dance.

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Motacilla Alba feeding the nestlings

bingsjo2011_16 (60K)

Under the party-tent, in the shadow.

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BlueSmoke at the same place

bingsjo2011_20 (67K)

Hirundo Rustica

bingsjo2011_21 (111K)

Dalby-Rune. The man in background asked if we knew some players called Viksta-Lasse, and Sahlström. Probably.

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More people than ever at the tun.

bingsjo2011_23 (117K)

JB and PA resting and listening to all-play

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"Tunggung" the last night. Rättvikarns Gånglåt, Nyland nerifrån. The black goose-scientist at the middle.

bingsjo2011_25 (49K)

And the sun rise before we stop.