August 1th. 2010


20100801_1 (92K)

HappyK on home ground.

20100801_2 (78K)

This stämma also had a "loppis". Almost no one could resist it.

20100801_3 (129K)

Accordions on stage. No rain, but just a bit too breezy.

20100801_4 (69K)

Starting with coffe and sandwiches.

20100801_5 (101K)


20100801_6 (91K)


20100801_13 (95K)

More bushplay.

20100801_7 (49K)

Sun-glasses in love.

20100801_8 (90K)

No doubt why this Lady is called HappyK.

20100801_9 (71K)

Hattrickman also in good mood.

20100801_10 (80K)

...and Torosen posing this time.

20100801_11 (68K)

Fewer people in the afternoon.

20100801_12 (62K)

But we stay until the end.