Tobo 2010

by badger

Crowded at All-play. Warm, tight and a lot of small places to try old a new tunes. Feline did a small irish-concert in the dinner-room. A friendly war upstairs between fiddlers and nyckelharps-tunes.

20100206_7 (34K)

Train in the winter. 30 minutes to Tobo

20100206_1 (56K)


20100206_2 (64K)

Fiddlers against Nyckelharpor. All the tunes was guitar-tunes.

20100206_3 (101K)


20100206_4 (80K)

Hillerbola schottis

20100206_5 (98K)

Nice new arr of "spelstina, and put up the beat" (öka takten) from the harmonian-guy.

20100206_6 (50K)

Gästrike-tunes in the corridor.