July 22-25 2010

Korröfestivalen 2010

Always top-artists, and good opportunity for bush-play with neverending-man. This time with extremly rain for 24-hours. But that sort of things didnt stop the music.

korro_2010_19 (88K)

Neverendingman, Guitarteacher, and Ylva

korro_2010_2 (81K)

Some good new tunes from Degerberga.

korro_2010_3 (34K)

Väsen was broken up at the afternoon, but reunited at the evening

korro_2010_8 (19K)


korro_2010_4 (74K)

Rocking. A bit to loud for folkmusic.

korro_2010_5 (66K)

A danish band with dancers. (Dansband?)

korro_2010_6 (39K)


korro_2010_7 (117K)

Princess found a playmate and testing the stream.

korro_2010_9 (35K)


korro_2010_10 (123K)

Some trying to climb at lampposts

korro_2010_11 (64K)

Fiddels for sale.

korro_2010_12 (67K)

JP Nyström

korro_2010_13 (91K)

Worldmusic."Hang on and enjoy"

korro_2010_14 (18K)

Festival by night.

korro_2010_15 (87K)

Rain at saturday, and it did not stop...

korro_2010_16 (59K)

A warm restaurang and good food keep us in good mood.

korro_2010_17 (65K)

And the bushplay moved inside at dry places.

korro_2010_18 (57K)

Eitre had a great concert in the evening. The bagpiper had some trouble with cold fingers, but was rescued from the audience with a warm jacket.