Bingsjöstämman 2010

Tropical heat in the air, and lot of tunes night and day.

bingsjo_2010_1 (80K)

Vespertinus and Bushplayauthor-man discussing old bingsjoe-times and compare the style of each year.

bingsjo_2010_2 (123K)

The Toyotas like to play a tune from Hall.

bingsjo_2010_3 (56K)

Bathing and washing away all the dust from the road. (road-building from Alfta to Lamborn)

bingsjo_2010_4 (90K)

Blårök. A nice band next-doors.

bingsjo_2010_5 (91K)

Proud Bushplayauthor-man with his grandchild. Fastreel in the front.

bingsjo_2010_6 (76K)

The Amazone. This time mostly with a electrical bass. (this picture with nyckelharpa)

bingsjo_2010_7 (89K)

Some people from bollnäs and snap turned in.

bingsjo_2010_8 (69K)

Wednesday. Tropical heat at the festival.

bingsjo_2010_9 (112K)

Lot of people, and almost no shadow.

bingsjo_2010_10 (83K)

Fastreel find an igloo. Cool!

bingsjo_2010_11 (47K)

Long queue for ice-cream at the store.

bingsjo_2010_12 (81K)

Some irish tunes. A tv-team showed up and filmed two tunes.

bingsjo_2010_13 (73K)

Two bags. One with a lovely tune, and one for empty beer.

bingsjo_2010_14 (48K)

V-dala playing for dance.

bingsjo_2010_15 (89K)

Fiancé, Playable-man and Vespertinus.